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No Depression has been the foremost journalistic authority on roots music for well over a decade, publishing 75 issues from 1995 to 2008. No Depression ceased publishing magazines in 2008 and took to the web. We have made the contents of those issues accessible online via this extensive archive and also feature a robust community website with blogs, photos, videos, music, news, discussion and more.

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Artist: Beaver Nelson

Waxed - Record Review from Issue #70 July-August 2007

Beaver Nelson – Beaver Nelson’s Exciting Opportunity

BEAVER Nelson’s cover wink might well be a knowing one, with that open eye on the album’s bookends. For the onetime Austin wunderkind who took almost ten years to release his debut, opening with a song titled “Overnight Sensation” is a nicely ironic touch. The same can be said for the album-ending “Move Along (Show’s [...]

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Waxed - Record Review from Issue #54 Nov-Dec 2004

Beaver Nelson – Motion

Like a grand philosophical tablet rendered in miniature, Beaver Nelson’s fifth album slips by almost without being noticed. Nelson’s pithy melodies and fairly conventional roots-folk-rock (with splashes of power-pop) are not flashy, and the artist certainly wasn’t afforded the kind of recording budget his songs deserve. Instead, with sidekick Scrappy Jud Newcomb on guitar, Nelson [...]

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Miked - Live Reviews from Issue #48 Nov-Dec 2003

Beaver Nelson / Jud Newcomb / Michael Fracasso / Adam Carroll – Six String Cafe (Cary, NC)

Shared connections in Central Texas brought these “Four Men From Now” (as they billed their tour) together, and their visit to the North Carolina Triangle’s premier listening room marked the end of a short southeastern US swing. These four songwriters are each very distinct in style and sound, but their combination is all the richer [...]

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Waxed - Record Review from Issue #43 Jan-Feb 2003

Beaver Nelson – Legends Of The Super Heroes

After being signed to major labels and not releasing anything for nearly ten years, Beaver Nelson appears to be making up for lost time. Legends Of The Super Heroes is his fourth disc in five years. While The Last Hurrah and Little Brother were hailed for being lyrically direct and full of life, his last [...]

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Waxed - Record Review from Issue #36 Nov-Dec 2001

Beaver Nelson – Undisturbed

The third record by Austin’s tousled scarecrow Beaver Nelson opens with “Mud River”, an easygoing shuffle anchored by George Harrison-style slide guitar, courtesy of producer Scrappy Jud Newcomb. With its subtle power-pop vibe, the song sets the tone for the entire album. Imagine a stripped-down, rough-hewn version of Squeeze or Crowded House, with a touch [...]

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Waxed - Record Review from Issue #31 Jan-Feb 2001

Beaver Nelson – Little Brother

The second album by Austin’s Beaver Nelson is a subtle charmer. Its scruffily rocking grooves are completely honest, with the opening two tracks, “Fallen Down” and “Your Little Girl” playing the congenial host, wooing you in through the door. Once he’s gotten your attention with the earthy honky-tonk bred riffs, Nelson dims the lights and [...]

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Town and Country - Shorter Artist Feature from Issue #19 Jan-Feb 1999

Beaver Nelson – At last, his first

“I just wanted some kind of documentation of what I’ve done with the last seven years. And to not have anything — I mean, it’s hard to even consider yourself a legitimate part of any kind of music community or industry or whatever without something with your name on it that you can hand to [...]

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  • Drinking Nectar with Wendy Colonna (Album Review)
    In ancient Greek and Roman stories, nectar—that sweet, golden, unadulterated liquid—provides sustenance to gods and goddesses. Nectar’s purity offers energy to those who imbibe its sweet liquor, but nectar’s sweet essence offers an elixir that heals and, for the inhabitants of the heavenly realms at least, drinking nectar also confers immorality upon them. I […]
  • Red Heart Alarm - Hammer Anvil Stirrup (Album Review)
    Seattle is increasingly becoming a bastion of alt country Americana bands vying to be the next big thing toting the Ballard Avenue sound. Red Heart Alarm have coined one of the best terms for their sound calling what they do “Gruntry,” explaining that it marries their native city’s Grunge legacy with the melodic twang of classic Americana/Roots music. The ba […]
  • Matt Woods – With Love From Brushy Mountain (Album Review)
    Ever-bearded Tennessean troubadour Matt Woods’ second full length studio record, With Love From Brushy Mountain, is slated for a May 13, 2014 release.  This comes as a follow up to his first full length, The Matt Woods Manifesto, a trying task in and of itself.  Woods is hands down one of the hardest working singer/songwriters I’ve ever come across.  He eats […]
  • Rod Kennedy (1930-2014) and the Kerrville Folk Festival - Interview & Remembrance
    Rod Kennedy’s legacy is incalculable for those who truly love music, he departed this earthly plane on Monday 14th April 2014. R.I.P. The following “warts and all” late May 1986 interview with Mr. Kennedy, the founder of the Kerrville Folk Festival, was the lead feature in the debut issue of the Kerrville Kronikle fanzine sometime around 1988. No serendipity […]
  • The Redlands Palomino Company - Broken Carelessly (Album Review)
    It’s looking to be a good year for what one might loosely term “alt country” albums with Scots acts the New Madrids and Red Pine Timber Company handing in excellent efforts so far. Time now to look to London to see what’s cooking down there and keeping their end up are The Redlands Palomino Company whose fourth album, Broken Carelessly is released this week. […]
  • Simone Felice - King Tuts Wah Wah Hut (Glasgow - 4/11/2014)
    With his second solo album safely under his belt Simone Felice is rapidly conforming his status as one of the finest purveyors of Americana around these days. Fortunately (for us) he remains somewhat under the mass radar allowing audiences to see him in intimate settings such as the hallowed King Tuts, a perfect space to see and hear his shamanistic offering […]

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