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No Depression has been the foremost journalistic authority on roots music for well over a decade, publishing 75 issues from 1995 to 2008. No Depression ceased publishing magazines in 2008 and took to the web. We have made the contents of those issues accessible online via this extensive archive and also feature a robust community website with blogs, photos, videos, music, news, discussion and more.

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Author: David Menconi

Miked - Live Reviews from Issue #16 July-Aug 1998

Two Dollar Pistols – Local 506 (Chapel Hill, NC)

Elementary physics applies to band lineups, too: For every reaction, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So while guitarist Steve Howell’s recent departure from the Backsliders is unfortunate and has thrown that band’s future into disarray, the upside is that he hasn’t gone far. Howell is hanging his hat in Chapel Hill’s Two Dollar [...]

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Waxed - Record Review from Issue #15 May-June 1998

Trailer Bride – Smelling Salts

As niches go, “female rockabilly hepcat” looks to be wide open. Not anymore. Say hidy to Melissa Swingle, the singer-guitarist who puts the Bride (not to mention the smarts) in this North Carolina trio. Imagine a female Randy Newman crooning sly, jacked-up songs about double-wide trailers, right-wing militias and reckless driving as self-expression in a [...]

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Waxed - Record Review from Issue #14 March-April 1998

Austin Lounge Lizards – Employee Of The Month

The problem with comedy records is that once you’ve heard the joke, the fun’s over. Which is why the Austin Lounge Lizards have always been a better live attraction than a recording act. Employee Of The Month, the Lizards’ sixth full-length album, does offer some musical merit, with solid arrangements and guest appearances from Lloyd [...]

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Town and Country - Shorter Artist Feature from Issue #13 Jan-Feb 1998

Tonebenders – Bent into shape

Usually, detailing a band’s pedigree gives you a rough idea of what the group might sound like. But sometimes, all it does is confuse the issue. Consider the Tonebenders, who have personnel links to many of the A-list bands from the North Carolina country-rock crowd. The horn section of saxophonist Steve Grothmann and trombonist David [...]

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Miked - Live Reviews from Issue #13 Jan-Feb 1998

Son Volt / Buick MacKane – Cat’s Cradle (Carrboro, NC)

This one was like the feeling you get an hour and a half after slamming down a six-pack of Jolt Cola: sugar up, sugar down. Buick MacKane got the night off to a frenzied start, while Son Volt’s headlining set was…well, as consistent as they always are, with everything that implies. As good as the [...]

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Miked - Live Reviews from Issue #12 Nov-Dec 1997

Gourds – The Brewery (Raleigh, NC)

Here’s where it’s tough for a band — playing for a crowd numbering in the low 20s on a Wednesday night in Raleigh. To the Gourds’ everlasting credit, they didn’t do this show on automatic pilot. In fact, what could have been a disheartening evening turned out to be a darned fine experience. Extensive touring [...]

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Waxed - Record Review from Issue #11 Sept-Oct 1997

Two Dollar Pistols – On Down The Track

John Howie has a voice you’ve never heard before, but would swear you have. Just the other night, in fact, one barstool over. Older guy, looked a little run-down and weary, knocking back one straight Scotch after another like he was trying to forget something. Except that every sip only made the memories more acute, [...]

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The Long Way Around - Feature from Issue #10 July-Aug 1997

Whiskeytown – Adams and Escovedo

It happens more or less without warning or fanfare two minutes into the second track of Whiskeytown’s Strangers Almanac album. An old familiar voice glides in and nudges an already spectacular song to an even higher level. “So if the rain falls down on your Mississippi town, let your eyes drift easy into mine” — [...]

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Waxed - Record Review from Issue #9 May-June 1997

Whiskeytown – Rural Free Delivery

North Carolina band Whiskeytown is nothing if not prolific. This eight-song EP (nine if you count the hidden bonus track) is just one of a number of recordings building up to this summer’s release of their major-label debut album Sorry I Said Goodbye, a torrent that includes a couple of Bloodshot singles and contributions to [...]

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Waxed - Record Review from Issue #8 March-April 1997

Various Artists – Revival: Brunswick Stew & Pig Pickin’

Given North Carolina’s increasing reputation as Ground Zero for new country-rock bands, it’s hardly surprising that The Old North State dominates Revival (billed as a compilation of “the Southeast’s Hottest Bands”), with 11 of 17 selections. Indeed, if you’ve been following No Depression since its inception, this is practically a regional Southeastern sampler for the [...]

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