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No Depression has been the foremost journalistic authority on roots music for well over a decade, publishing 75 issues from 1995 to 2008. No Depression ceased publishing magazines in 2008 and took to the web. We have made the contents of those issues accessible online via this extensive archive and also feature a robust community website with blogs, photos, videos, music, news, discussion and more.

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Column from web archive December 2, 2008

Slim Bryant, centenarian

This Sunday (December 7), Thomas Hoyt Bryant, better known as Slim Bryant, turns 100. He may be the last of his breed, the lone surviving pre-war country musician tied to Jimmie Rodgers (father of modern country), and to pioneer fiddler-bandleader Clayton McMichen. He still receives royalties from his original ballad “Mother The Queen Of My [...]

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Column from web archive December 1, 2008

The wayward tale
of Will T. Massey

The Seattle to which San Angelo, Texas, native Will T. Massey moved circa 1990 – he was, what? 20 years old? — was a location sought by way of retreat, an end-of-the-road place that had not yet become the center of genetic engineering, gaming, Microsoft, and grunge. It was still a cheap city in which [...]

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Column from web archive November 28, 2008

Young in younger days; Eno/Byrne reunited

WHATTA TEASE!: The launch of Neil Young’s Archives series had been widely and fervently anticipated before the end of this year, after delays that have extended for decades. The project had originally begun as a follow-up to 1977′s career-defining Decade, but new technology and new Neil Young music interceded. The latest announcement is that the [...]

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Column from web archive November 25, 2008

Ernest V. Stoneman’s proper place in country music history

One of 2008′s best country reissues, maybe even the best, is Ernest V. Stoneman: The Unsung Father Of Country Music, 1925-1934. The 46-track collection is smartly packaged, including a small hard-bound book with lots of photos. But it’s the savvy selection of some too-long-unavailable early sides of Ernest “Pops” Stoneman that excites. There’s his first [...]

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Column from web archive November 24, 2008

Cash’s construct comes around

There’s a bonus interview attached to the brand new documentary DVD included the Legacy-edition box of Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison in which his daughter Rosanne confides, or at least tells us, that “I’m just not very interested in participating in the posthumous version of my dad’s career…Enough’s been said. I was gonna say no [...]

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Column from web archive November 21, 2008

A song I heard…and still hear

Earlier this week, longtime ND magazine senior editor Bill Friskics-Warren contributed a Monday guest-column about Midwest Farm Disaster, a 1972 album by the largely forgotten singer-songwriter Bob Martin. As fate would have it, columnist Lloyd Sachs followed on Wednesday with a remembrance of the 1972 debut album by another largely forgotten singer-songwriter, Danny Epps. Within [...]

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Column from web archive November 20, 2008

Why do we marry?

People take inspiration from unexpected sources: Tales of burning shrubbery that spouts prophecy; those ridiculous “Hang In There, Baby” posters of endangered kittens. So I suppose I should not be flabbergasted that right now I am fired up by a Lucinda Williams song – even though her music has failed to resonate profoundly with me [...]

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Column from web archive November 19, 2008

Danny Epps, gone but not forgotten

I can’t for the life of me remember how Danny Epps’ self-titled debut album came into my possession, only that I played it constantly after its 1972 release on Columbia Records. I wasn’t getting reviewers’ copies yet, there’s nothing on the jacket to indicate I bought it used (there’s no way I would have bought [...]

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Column from web archive November 18, 2008

Tim Carroll beats the devil

Apparently Tim Carroll’s most recent album, The Devil Is A Busy Man, came out about a year ago, at least according to his MySpace page, but it’s only on my shelf because his wife, the gifted singer Elizabeth Cook, sent it to me during the dark and quiet days of this last summer when I [...]

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Column from web archive November 17, 2008

Rediscovering Bob Martin, for the first time

I’m not sure what prompted me to play Bob Martin’s Midwest Farm Disaster when I came across it while cleaning my office this fall. I knew that I’d never heard of Martin and that I couldn’t remember the promo advance arriving in the mail. It was more than likely, in any case, that I would [...]

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